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UTCS Graduate Student Wiki

Welcome to the UTCS Graduate Student Wiki. This is a collaborative site that any UTCS graduate student, staff, or faculty member can edit. To make changes, simply log in (link at top of page) with your UTCS login name and password, then press the edit at the bottom of the section you wish to change.

**(This wiki is currently being updated...stay tuned) Do not believe me!!**

New to UTCS?

Academics & Research Tips & Advice

Administrative Stuff

Life in Austin

  • Bicycling: On campus & in Austin. (Austin is a “Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community”.)
  • Graduate Life (article badly needs expansion)

Social & Fun Stuff

  • Contact GRACS: Prospective and current students: Contact GRACS if you have questions!
  • GSA: Announcements and updates from the Graduate Students Assembly
  • GRACS Internal Administrative: the list of internal GRACS administrative stuff – useful (probably only) to GRACS
  • Meeting Notes: GRACS' internal meeting minutes
  • Student Committees: Grad students on UTCS department committees

Articles in need of contributions

UTCS Web sites

More topics will be added to this sections as they become available. In the meantime, you are also encouraged to add new pages.

This Web site is not an official publication of The University of Texas at Austin and does not represent the views of the university or its officers.

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