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Data: 3/9/2020

Attendees: Daniel, Justin, Matt, Jiacheng Group Meetings: Monday 2pm every other week

Tea Times: Justin 3/11, Daniel 3/25

Setting up shared GRACS UTList account.

Last Tea Time added back in because 3/4 was missed.

Possible Tea Time Delivery (Fall Semester?)

Fall Elections in April

Outdoor Event first week of April. Potential BBQ in Zilker?

Data: 2/24/2020

Attendees: Daniel, Kaitlin, Justin Yirka Group Meetings: Monday 2pm every other week

Tea time Kaitlin 2/25, 3/11 Daniel 3/4

Gradfest 2/25-2/27: Tuesday Tea Time - Kaitlin asked Katie about budget extension

Data: 2/10/2020

Attendees: Matt, Daniel, Kaitlin Group Meetings: Monday 2pm every other week

Tea time Matt 2/12, Daniel 2/19 Kaitlin 2/25

Gradfest 2/25-2/27: Tuesday Tea Time - Budget extension? Bull Session? Night in Austin

Data: 1/27/2020

Attendees: Matt, Daniel, Kaitlin, Adrian, Will

Group Meetings: Monday 2pm every other week

Tea time 3:15pm Wednesday 15 total Matt 1/29, Kaitlin 2/5, Daniel 2/12, Adrian 2/19 Celebrity tea times?

Budget March: Outdoor Event $100 Kayak? Paintball? April: Grad Advice Day $100/200?         Evening in Austin $100 Minigolf? Rodeo? Arcade? May: Last Day of Class $600

Gradfest 2/25-2/27:Bull session, tea time, other stuff (Adrian)?

Data: 11/4/2019


Sushrut, Matt, Adrian, Daniel, Kaitlin


  • 11/6: Matt
  • 11/13: Daniel
  • 11/20: Adrian
  • 12/4: Kaitlin

Data: 09/24/2019


Sushrut, Matt, Adrian, Daniel

Future events

  • Halloween Party – 31/9 (5 - 7, Room 6.302).Things we need – Pizza ($ 300) + Candy & Pumpkins & so on ($ 200)
  • Austin Bouldering Project – 11/9


  • 10/16: Kaitlyn
  • 10/23: Adrian

Data: 09/24/2019


Sushrut, Matt, Adrian, Daniel

Future events

  • Fall Social Event: ABP on weekend.


  • 10/2: Matt
  • 10/9: Sushrut

Data: 09/10/2019

Attendance: Kaitlin, Sushrut, Matt, Adrian, Daniel

Future events

  • Meetings – Tuesday @ 11:00
  • Tea-times @ 3:30 Wednesdays
  • Fall Social Event – Postponed to Oct.
  • Next meeting – 24th


  • 9/11 : Matt
  • 9/18 : Daniel

Data: 04/25/2019

Attendance: Kaitlin, Daniel, Sushrut, Vance, Matt, Adrian

Future events

  • Email about nominating people for GRACS (over chat) – also include constitution and y/n.
  • LDOC party: 5/9 (6.302 @11:30 - 1) Torchy's + Fricanos (check out how much it costs), perhaps Adrian's taco dude.
  • Put a p-req in to get stuff from Amazon. Ask them to buy it for us. (50 out of the 600 USD for LDOC – vance).


  • 5/2 Vance
  • 5/9 Kaitlin

Data: 03/26/2019

Attendance: Kaitlin, Daniel, Sushrut, Vance, Matt

Future events

  • (Thursday, 3/28): Board Game Night.
  • Food: (Vance) Needs to pick up Torchys stuff @5, Thursday.
  • Next meeting: 4/9
  • Need to plan for the LDOY party – Thursday 9th April.


  • 4/2 Vance
  • 4/9 Adrian

Data: 03/12/2019

Attendance: Kaitlin, Daniel, Sushrut, Vance, Matt

Future events

  • Next meeting: 3/26
  • Events in March (Thursday, 3/28): Movie / Board Game Night.
  • Create Poll and send email asking for a poll. Matt is sending the email.
  • Food: (Vance) Pizza and Soda. Need cutlery and napkins and stuff.


  • 3/26 Daniel
  • 4/2 Vance

Data: 02/26/2019

Attendance: Kaitlin, Daniel, Sushrut, Vance, Matt, Adrian

Future events

  • Next meeting: 3/12
  • Events in March (Thursday, 3/28): Movie / Board Game Night.
  • Vance: Reserve rooms
  • Matt: Send email


  • 3/5 Matt
  • 3/12 Kaitlin

Data: 02/12/2019

Attendance: Kaitlin, Daniel, Sushrut, Vance, Matt

Gradfest Events

  • Bull Session (Friday, 3:45 - 4:30 PM): MC – Arthur Peters (potentially) + We might need backup people.
  • Campus Tour (Friday, 4:30 - 5:15 PM): Matt, Daniel and Sushrut are okay with accompanying the tour guide.
  • Downtown (Friday night): Easy tiger -??- Shakespeares.
  • Picnic (Saturday 11:30 AM – Organizers should get there a little earlier): Matt in charge of checking out recsports and trying to get frizbees, disc golf stuff and anything else that might be good.


  • 2/21 Adrian
  • 2/26 Sushrut

Data: 01/29/2019

Attendance: Kaitlin, Daniel, Sushrut, Vance, Adrian, Matt

Future Events

  • 2/13 Tentative plans for Evening in Austin (Peter Pan Minigolf + Food@South)
  • Kaitlin attending gradfest meeting, Adrian getting gradfest food.
  • 2/12 @ 12:00 – Next meeting.


  • 2/5 Kaitlin
  • 2/12 Matt

Data: 11/27/2018

Attendance: Sushi, Daniel, Vance, Matt, Adrian, Sepideh


  • Sepideh won the coin-toss to leave GRACS next semester
  • Tentative plans for one-weekend-to-rule-them-all 12/8: {bouldering, lunch, /(disc|mini)/-golf, alcohol}


  • 11/28 Matt

Data: 11/13/2018

Attendance: Sushi, Daniel, Vance, Matt, Adrian, Sepideh

Future events No budget for December. Possibly do a bunch of weekend activities: will discuss at next GRACS meeting (11/27)


  • 11/14 Sepideh
  • 11/28 Matt

Data: 10/30/2018

Attendance: Sushi, Daniel, Vance, Matt, Adrian, Sepideh

Halloween Party:

  • Starts at 420
  • Matt will arrive at 345 to drop off pumpkins, food, decorations
  • Pizza will arrive at 430

Evening in Austin:

  • 11/6 (election day)
  • Matt will submit PReq


  • 11/7 Sushi + Daniel
  • 11/14 Sepideh


  • Vance will send email about {no tea time, halloween, GRACS nominations, evening-in-austin}

Data: 10/16/2018

Attendees: Vance, Sepideh, Daniel, Matt, Sushrut, Adrian

Next GRACS meeting: 10/30 11AM.


  • 10/17: Adrian
  • 10/31: Canceled for Halloween Party

Halloween Party

  • Info: GDC Courtyard, 10/31, 5PM
  • Vance in charge of Pizza ($300 budget, less racist of {papa johns, pizza hut})
  • Sepideh in charge of decorations + pumpkin carving kits ($100 budget, subject to change based on candy/drink needs)
  • Daniel, Sushi, Matt in charge of drinks + candy + pumpkins (\$220 budget, \$120 of which comes from Teatime [subject to change based on decorations])

Data: 10/2/2018

Attendees: Vance, Sepideh, Daniel, Matt, Sushrut, Adrian

Next GRACS meeting: 10/16 11AM.


  • 10/3: Sepideh
  • 10/10: Matt

Halloween Party 10/31:

  • Vance submitting the PReq
  • Roughy outline: candy (50), pumpkins (100), decorations (50), food + pizza (300)
  • Leftover teatime snacks can be brought too
  • Location: courtyard

Data: 09/18/2018

Attendees: Vance, Sepideh, Sushrut, Daniel, Matt, Adrian

Next GRACS meeting: 10/2 11AM. Don't forget =P


  • 9/19: Sushi/Daniel
  • 9/26: Adrian

Welcome back party:

  • Matt picking up Torchys
  • Sushi + Adrian picking up Bombay Dhaba
  • Sepideh helping set up

Data: 09/8/2018

Attendees: Vance, Sepideh, Sushrut, Daniel, Matt

September events:

  • Rock climbing 1030AM this Saturday ($0 budget). Matt will go and drive some people. Google form and GRACS email going out today.
  • GDC Welcome back party ( \$600 budget). Happening fri 9/21. Same deal as last years EOY party. Adrian and Mattt getting Torchys (\$275 budget). Sushi + Daniel getting Indian (\$275 budget). Sepideh getting plates/cups/soda (\$50 budget).

Teatime 9/5: 330-430PM (picked up by mattjordan)

Teatime 9/12: picked up by Vance

Next GRACS meeting: 9/11 11AM. Don't forget =P

September events:

  • Rock climbing 1030AM this Saturday ($0 budget). Matt will go and drive some people. Google form and GRACS email going out today.
  • GDC Welcome back party ( \$600 budget). Happening fri 9/21. Same deal as last years EOY party. Adrian and Mattt getting Torchys (\$275 budget). Sushi + Daniel getting Indian (\$275 budget). Sepideh getting plates/cups/soda (\$50 budget).

Data: 04/18/2016

Action Items -

  • Meeting to plan end of year party on Monday 04/25 at noon.
  • New member election - nomination email - Gill
  • Grad student orientation details on wiki - Pulkit
  • Golden turtle - John will contact Lorenzo, and then Kim will contact Risto.
  • Draft TA funding letter
  • Re-register as a student org - Arthur
  • Alternate source for samosas - Pulkit - won't work out because delivery is too expensive.

Other things discussed -

  • Possible board game night
  • GRACS budget
  • We need to work out our order with Mrs Johnson's before the Fall semester starts.
  • Focus on GAD
  • We want to resurrect regular meetings with Bruce and Patti if we feel they're needed.

Data: 11/24/2015

  • Proposal for GAD next term: Two talks on how to get hired.
  • One for industry positions
  • One for academic positions (Etienne?)
  • Maybe no meeting during finals week.
  • GSA is having a campus carry meeting. It has been distributed through other means.
  • Jessica (1st year) is setting up a bull session style GAD for this next week or so. Arthur will make sure there is cookies and coffee or something like that. Jessica will set the time. Focus is adviser picking.

Data: 11/10/2015

  • Chad has dropped out and cannot do GAD. What is the fail over? (Arthur)
  • Unless someone can take this on (not Arthur or John) we should plan to try again at the first meeting of Jan with new people and see what we can do for the spring.
  • Paperwork is still in process with Frost bank. But we should be able to write checks now. Also we have a specific account manager so there will be less stupid for the next update. (John via Arthur)
  • Write check for the fussball table parts. Someone volunteer.
  • Board game night: (Arthur)
  • I let it slide.
  • Scheduling board game night: Thurs the 18th. Thoughts?
  • Probably pizza. Maybe falafel and stuff from Kismet. Thoughts?
  • Tea has been ordered (Arthur)
  • Comm: (Arthur)
  • Hootsuite is pretty useless for us. No real email support. It's designed more for tracking activity than sending output.
  • Maybe see if we can get post by email working on FB. Or something similar. Then we could just send one email to the list and FB and call it good.
  • Any information on new Wiki setup? No update (John via Arthur)
  • GSA Update: (Kim via Arthur)
  • Professional development - they are working on area specific research statement workshops and want to know of anyone who could help from natural sciences. Can we think of any professors who might want to help? Lorenzo? CS is quite different from other areas within CNS though.
  • Possible interdepartmental social event - any interest from CS in such a thing?

Data: 10/27/2015

  • Post mortem on the computer game night. (Ahmet)
  • Pizza was fine.
  • Not many people played much games.
  • Maybe in the future we should setup an online community. A steam group?
  • Next event:
  • Maybe not have signups.
  • Borrow some games for the event.
  • UTGRAD moderation:
  • Non-interfering work interesting to UT grads.
  • No outside solicitations other that. If it seems like a real employer send to ODA.
  • Free food or event notification should be clearly marked and authorized immediately.
  • John is going to try to fix the issue with changing the officers in the bank.
  • GSA only thing was professional dev.
  • There will probably not be a grad student tuition increase.
  • There is a docuwiki. We will see what to do. The port would be fairly easy.
  • Comm:
  • Kill: Web page, Twitter
  • Look at hootsuite for federating UTGRAD and FB. (Arthur)
  • GAD needs to be assigned.

Date: 10/13/2015

  • Check book found
  • Budget finalized - John will send to Patti for approval
  • Need to update authorized signatories
  • Write check to Matteo for foosball repairs
  • Email moderation - sign in to UTLists with GRACS and approve email
  • IBM research email - will show up on the CS calendar etc so we don’t need to forward it
  • GRACS wiki - drupal instead of wiki? If no, move to school level atlassian wiki?
  • HornsLink - Arthur is primary contact - roster cleaned up
  • Kim is setting up with GSA - first meeting got cancelled, but Kim will go to next meeting
  • TA drafting letter - Roshan will bring it up in SAB meeting, perhaps undergrads should draft another letter.
  • Facebook Group - change name and invite grad students to join
  • UT Law - forward email to grad students and ask for volunteers? -Pulkit
  • Tweeting for tea time - Keenan

Date: 09/29/2015

  • Positions decided:
  • Chair - Arthur
  • Treasurer - John
  • Secratary - Pulkit
  • John will talk to Patti Spencer about GRACS budget.
  • Pulkit will add new/returning GRACS members as admins on the Facebook page.
  • Pulkit will re-register GRACS as a student organization on HornsLink.
  • We need to figure out what’s happening with the golden turtle.
  • Roshan will share the GSA meeting details with Kim, and Arthur will follow-up with her to confirm if she can attend.
  • We planned a rough outline of events for the semester - Ahmet will send an initial email to gather interest for a LAN party, and Arthur will plan a board game night for November-end.
  • Arthur will follow up with Chad for GAD - aim of having at least 1 this semester.
  • Meeting time changed to 4.15-5.15 every alternate Tuesday.
  • John will talk to Frost bank about service fee.
  • We talked about the sales tax exemption form for any purchases, and the need to get the budget for an event approved in advance.

Archives: 2013

Date: 1/30/13

Attendees: Nathan, Sarah, Ashay, John, Eli

  • We want to do a GAD in March. Ashay is going to look into it.
  • Event in February: Bowling/Billiards. Just need pizza
  • Tea Time
  • Eli leaves, will send out a plea for a new Czar
  • Need to talk to Ken's to get them to deliver to GDC…
  • GDC
  • Tea Time will be in the “Reading Room” (because it has kitchens and tables): 5 North
  • GRACS organization office: 4 North
  • Event in February
  • Wed, 13 Feb, 6-8pm or whatever it is

Date: 1/23/13

Attendees: Nathan, Sarah

  • TGIF and GAD in February? Thought about doing it in conjunction with Grad Fest. Perhaps do a GAD
  • Event in February?
  • Talk about at next meeting
  • Start thinking about End-of-Year event. March will be GOTO GDC and April will (might?) be a talent show.
  • “Arcade” was more of just a social atmosphere last year.
  • Decent turnout, but perhaps closer to campus would be beneficial?
  • Tea Time
  • Eli is leaving us
  • Sarah has a discussion section
  • Nathan has class at 3:30

Future Discussion Topics

  • Distribution of labor:
  • Email Clearing Administrator
  • Projects Committee
  • Overhaul of GRACS Wiki

Date: 10/31/12

Attendees Nathan, Sarah, Ankita, Michael, Patti

  • GAD
  • We're on track for GAD next month
  • YouTube
    • GAD Videos are going to YouTube – public.
      • Resume/CV Workshop, Research in Academia v Industry, RPEs
    • Talent Show is going up private (because there are too many faces to get permission from)
  • New Building
  • Tours
    • She'll tell us next week how many can go
    • Try to get someone from each research group
  • Town Hall meeting 16 November at 2pm, mostly for undergraduates
  • University closes Dec 21st at 5pm, Dec 22nd officially moving, perhaps 3 days not moving. Physical mover and tech staff. Grad students not expect to use cubes from Dec 22 - Jan 02. Won't have to turn keys in until Jan 02 (can access old space, but not count on using it).
  • 27th of Dec everything will be down (probably not down all day, but some wiggle room for them)
  • Website with blog that has all this information
  • Phone service is about the same: if you do well here, you'll do well there
  • Potluck activity
  • 15 Nov from 11:30-1pm.
  • GRACS provide a duck (Sarah) and some other vegetarian option (Eli or Ankita). Or what about a turkey?

Date: 10/24/12

Attendees Nathan, Eli, Sarah

  • GAD
  • Sent out an AV request for a video camera to record the event
  • Will have 3-4 grad students on the panel, plus Don Fussell
  • Elections
  • Start next week or just before Thanksgiving. Need to get the word out

Date: 10/10/12

Attendees Ankita, Eli, Nathan, Sarah

  • GAD
  • Still need to get response from Fussel for October. Sarah will talk to him
  • Sarah talk with William Cook about November
  • Activity tonight
  • Have all the consoles, Sarah bought drinks and cups, Nathan has the pizza coming

Date: 10/3/12

Attendees Nathan, Eli, Ankita

  • GAD
  • Upcoming GAD possible topics:
    • “Giving a technical talk to a general audience” (includes both RPE's and Job Talks)
      • Might be too varied. While the RPE does appeal to a smaller audience, it would be more specific and might be better
  • The GAD October 26th will be entitled “Onward and Upward: Preparing your RPE”
    • Eli Sending email to Fussel asking to present on GAD expectations
    • Also several students that have had unique/bad/good experiences with RPEs
  • Pizza
  • Austin Pizza
    • $205.00 for 40-person catering, includes 12 pizzas, 8 sides, 8 drinks
    • Nathan sent email, does this price include delivery and/or tax? How much will the final exceed the budget?

Date: 9/19/12

Attendees Nathan, Eli, Ankita, Sarah

  • GAD
  • Need about 4 people for fellowship day, each about 7-10 minutes of presentation plus a general presentation
  • Pizza
  • Eli hates Dominos. Says we should order from Austin Pizza to support local business and good pizza
  • Latest order from Dominos is:
    • 12 pizzas:
      • 4 cheese
      • 2 pepperoni
      • 2 ham and pineapple
      • 2 black olives and mushrooms
      • 2 green peppers and onions
    • Total is $91.84

Date: 9/12/12

Attendees Nathan, Sarah, Ankita

  • GAD
  • Ankita coordinating, send email to Lydia about
  • Publicizing event
  • October GAD: William Cook, writing workshop
  • Event this month? It would have to be next week…
  • Event ideas:
    • board game night
    • bowling/billiards
    • talent show (Eli in Spring)
    • Vis Lab game night (Sarah send an email find when available)
    • foosball tournament
    • Bats'n'pizza
      • September 19th
      • Meet at 7 in front of ACES, leave at 7:10 or so
      • Email if you can drive
      • Know how many people are coming, pizza, etc…
      • Bus is an option (pretty good one, free)

Date: 3/28/12

Attendees Nathan, Sarah, Eli, Michael (for a minute), Patti

  • New Building
  • Stairs actually will be yellow
  • Lots of talks about pods, who will be where, pizza parties for pods, etc
  • Two grad lounges
  • Every pod has an 18-seat seminar room, North pods have 18-seat conference room, open discussion area (with whiteboard, etc)
  • 1 foot short of being a high-rise, so don't have to put in extra fire escapes – but it's still safe :)
  • Recruiting Talks
  • need lots more people
  • two most important events: GradFest and Faculty Recruiting
  • How do we get more people to attend?
  • Events
  • If we need any money, ask for it: Just need a justification
  • Have funds, shouldn't be miserly, but shouldn't be astronomical
  • Can get swag really easily as prizes; cash prizes take months
  • Activities, such as Talent Show
  • Lorenzo did talent show at Cornell and was a huge proponent of this
    • Thought of making this the Christmas Staff Excellence Award bruncheon
  • College Night questions were made by Klein


2/15/12 Attendees Nathan, Sarah, Michael, Elie

  • GAD???
  • on How to be Productive. Mike Walfish, Calvin Lin?
  • Conference Networking? Grad students? Professors?
  • How to write a good review. Manos? Shadow Program Committee?
  • How to 'sell' your research panel style discussion. Peter Stone, Ray Mooney, Calvin Lin, Mike Walfish


2/8/12 Attendees Nathan, Sarah, Michael, Elie, Sharad

  • Bowling and Billiards and all that…


2/1/12 Attendees Nathan, Sarah, Michael, Elie

  • Missing some previous notes…
  • Scheduling:
  • Feb: Something in the Union - Bowling and Billiards?
    • Who's on it?
  • Video Game Night can't be in the Vis-lab in March, how about early April?


01/25/12 Attendees Nathan, Sarah, Michael, Elie

  • Missing some previous notes…
  • Tea Time - let's coordinate 'cause 3-4 is a weird time
  • Need flyers for GAD (Nathan and Sarah are on it)
  • Scheduling:
  • Feb: Something in the Union - Bowling and Billiards?
  • Mar: Video Game Night (or something else…)
  • Apr: Talent Show
  • May: Party!! Umm when?


11/28/11 Attendees Nathan, Sarah, Michael, Sharad

  • Welcome Sharad - new member of the GRACS executive committee
  • Also got Piazza up and running


11/28/11 Attendees Nathan, Sarah

  • T-shirts? Sarah will look into possible costs
  • Reza on Amazon books?
  • January GAD - Career center for Resume and CV writing, perhaps get a technical recruiter to talk about interview tips


11/14/11 Attendees: Nathan, Michael, Sarah, Reza, Dr. Porter

  • Assorted Questions:
  • What about introductory graduate classes?
    • ICES (?) course on introduction to scientific and parallel computing. Good place for those not comfortable with programming.
      • Might want to mention at a later date
    • Possible SSE course in the future on linear algebra / statistics / etc
  • Common forum for asking questions?
    • What about a Piazza forum: Reza will look into it
  • What is the new building like?
    • 10 research pods - 15 offices and 10 post doc offices
    • Intelligence in the building?
    • We're moving in Dec 2013 (thanks ICES for claiming our space :P)
  • PhD/Masters application student committee
    • New trick - bag of words model to try to do faster triage
    • But all applications will still be read
  • New Faculty?
    • Room for 3 and systems (ie Architecture) has priority
    • Graphics is moving to systems (for the high performance computing aspect)
    • Will still interview the “once every 10 years” candidate


10/31/11 Attendees: Nathan, Sarah, Reza, Michael

  • Video Game Night - 11/10/11
  • Action Items:
    • Pizza - mzlee, roughly 15 pizzas or $125
    • Drinks - theshark, roughly 6 2-liters + water + juice
    • Serving Location - theshark, a table to setup outside of ACES if possible
  • GAD - 11/18/11
  • Cross disciplinary research
    • Talk to Risto, ICES, TACC?, Tandy?
  • Need to move fast so people have time to prepare


10/17/11 Attendees: Nathan, Michael, Sarah

  • Updated GAD (this month) with new individual
  • Foosball Activity
  • Push to next week (Michael sends out email asking for date)
  • Nathan will make sure everything works out next week
  • Game Night
  • Week of November 10th will be good for Vis Lab. Sarah will talk to them Wednesday



Attendees: Nathan, Michael, Sarah

  • Require monthly reports from everyone (including treasurer, Tea Time Czar, etc)
  • Sarah has some people she will talk to
  • Nathan needs to reserve the Vis Lab (or Sarah will talk to Paul…)



Attendees: Nathan, Michael, Sarah, Reza, John T

  • Fusball
  • Michael will be out of town on the 21st, need to have finals on the 20th
  • Have 13/14 people joined recently, need to have them figure out when to play, but the deadline is pressing.
  • Final game will be in PAI (grad lounge) on 20 Oct at 6:30
  • Reserved PAI 5.35 for pizza
    • Before:
      • Reserve the conference room next to the grad lounge from 6-8
      • Trophy (with engravings for winners?) and candy
    • Day of:
      • Pizza
  • GAD
  • List of people who were on both sides of academia and industry – perhaps someone at IBM doing research
  • Contact OEA (or FoCS) for names of people from MSR, etc, that are coming to Austin



Attendees: Nathan, Michael, Patti

  • Talked with Patti about various things (the new building, new faculty, recruiting, general things)\
  • Purchase Requests are the way to get money back
  • We're the feet on the ground, let her know if something's up and she can help us resolve any issues
  • Grad Fest and recruiting will start in Nov/Dec
  • Faculty Recruiting will start in Feb
  • Email Reminder will be sent out tonight (mzlee)
  • GAD Organizing will be sent out today (nclement)
  • Meeting rescheduling/GRACS retention needs to be addressed



Attendees: Nathan, Michael, Sarah

  • Worked on GRACS Budget 2012. Needs to be approved via Patty
  • Approved by Patty on 19 Sep 2011.
  • Also, Patty will come to GRACS meetings on the 4th Monday of each month.
  • Foosball tournament set to happen in October. Michael will put together a Google Doc soliciting response
  • Fliers for Thursday's event: Email sent to Annette Noorzad ( ) asking where in ACES we can post them



Attendees: Nathan, Michael, Sarah, Reza

  • Activities
Month Date Time Activity Work Items
September 22 6:00pm, 6:30 pizza Bowling Contact the Union to reserve (Sarah)
30 3pm (GAD), 4-6pm (TGIF) GAD (Fellowship Session)/TGIF -Email Lydia for who has received and external fellowship; -Contact van de Geijn; Contact shoprec to record
October 20 Foosball Tournament Find Location (ENS Basement?)
28 3pm (GAD), 4-6pm (TGIF) GAD/TGIF
November 17 Game Night Contact Vis Lab (Nathan); Consoles (Sarah)
25 3pm (GAD), 4-6pm (TGIF) GAD/TGIF
Month Date Time Activity Work Items
January 27 3pm (GAD), 4-6pm (TGIF) GAD/TGIF
March 30 3pm (GAD), 4-6pm (TGIF) GAD/TGIF
April 27 3pm (GAD), 4-6pm (TGIF) GAD/TGIF
  • GAD
  • Should set up a camera and record the session
    • Contact shoprec



Attendees: Nathan, Michael, Sarah

  • Wiki Issues
  • Wiki migrating to zweb, but the department will take care of it
  • Possibility of redoing wiki's organization and theme this coming semester
  • Orientation was on 8/22. GRACS ran session as well as providing overview of GRACS and bull session to help with classes, hygiene etc
  • Decided Positions and Committees
  • Secretary: Michael
  • Treasurer: Reza
  • Tea Time Czarina (Social Committee): Sarah
  • Webmaster: Michael
  • Undecided Positions and Committees
  • Email Clearing Administrator
  • Projects Committee (GAD)



Attendees: Nathan, Michael, John; later with Nathan and Sarah

  • Intend on changing Fall Orientation.
  • Nathan will update and email schedule (Done)
  • Want to save some time for “Now that you're here at UT” bull session



Attendees: Sarah, Katie, Michael, Reza, Nathan, John

  • How was GRACS run this semester?
  • Tea Time – more successful, especially Amin's emails.
    • but less this semester than last
    • general request for times? but department is blocking that time
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays harder, and Friday isn't a good idea, nor is Monday
      • Look at class openings, find something that's common Wednesday afternoon
  • End-of-Year party
    • Really successful
    • More than enough food
      • vegetarian stuff (felafel) ran out, but enough salad
        • ratio of 1/3 vegetarian and 2/3 meat works out a little better
  • Video Game activity
    • needs to be more organized? more pizza!
    • having more screens and consoles
    • WII games: mario cart, smash bros, etc
    • tournament so people sign up beforehand (also helps with knowing how many people are going)
  • Bowling is usually successful (about 20 people)
  • Need to track number of people at each activity
  • GradFest planners and GRACS
  • Only budget GradFest does is department budget
  • Only uses alcohol for the event
  • Getting GRACS more visible
  • August 22nd for department orientation
  • Talking to professors for 398T so we can give a “bull session”
    • Kick out professors?
    • talk about classes you should/shouldn't take
      • (Ramachandran has been on the “watch out” radar for a long time)
      • Get an extract for all CS grad classes from CTL
  • Department Orientation
    • Pretty much a waste of time – this is where GRACS needs to step up. Have a conversation with Lydia that will make this better
  • Emails?
  • Anything from students (as long as not a permanent position) is acceptable
    • permanent positions must go through Friends of CS
  • Fundraisers

Next meeting: Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 1pm



Attendees: Amin, Nathan, Chris,

  • Food for the end of year event:
  • Claypit
  • Arpeggio
  • Election
  • We are gonna have our last tea time this week (May 4, 2011). Call Ken's donut to stop delivery.



Attendees: Amin, Nathan, Chris, Reza, John

  • Send a reminder email to Kathryn next week
  • Send an email regarding mixer to CSGrads next Wednesday
  • Send an email regarding the GAD to CSGrads
  • EYE on May 5th.
  • Reza sent an email to Coop for fund raising



Attendees: Amin, Reza, Nathan, Chris

  1. Ask department for GAD – Kathryn might need to meet the week previous. Sent email to her requesting her availability.
  2. Come up with idea for event
  • When do we want to do it? Before exams (09-16 May). We could have it the week before or the last week in April – Mixer with ISchool on the 28th, GAD and TGIF on the 29th, might be too many events?
  • Want to do something that's easy to set up and run, have about $5-600 to spend
    • From Amin: Patti said, “If you have a good event, a great turnout, don't worry about how much you spend.”
  • Bat Boat – cost last time was significant, around $5-600+
  • Mixer with the ISchool – we already have this set up, would need to purchase burgers at Dog and Duck
  • Outdoors events
    • Hiking on a Saturday morning
    • BBQ in Zilker or another park



Attendees: Amin, Chris

  • Get input from John and Katie about the end of year event.
  • ideas for the end of year event?! Outdoor event with food and games. Maybe Zilker? Ideas for a place. We need a theme! Hiking.
  • We need to decide when we are gonna have that.
  • Mixer with iSchool on Thursday April 28. We need to announce that week.
  • We need to have a meeting with Patti some time!
  • We need a decide on a speaker and a topic for April's GAD. It will be Friday April 29th. Email Kathryn to see if she can talk.



Attendees: Amin, Reza

  • Called union for bowling and pool. We are good.
  • Wrote check for alcohol reimbursement for GradFest
  • We need to send out email reminders for Thursday event
  • We need to post flier.



Attendees: Amin, Reza, Nathan, Chris

  • Reminder email to Mike, done
  • Reminder for the GAD to be sent out tomorrow and Friday to CSGrads
  • Order pizza from some place for on social event on 3/31/11. Papa Johns, 10 Pizza. 6 two liter Soda. → Reza
  • Reserve 2 bowling lanes and 2 billiard tables in Union → Amin
  • What time frame we wanna have the event? 5:00 - 7:00 pm
  • Design fliers and print and post fliers → Chris, Nathan , There is a color printer in Grad lounge
  • Email reminders for the event → Next Wednesday March 30



Attendees: Amin, Reza, Nathan, Chris

  • Email sent to Mike Dahlin



Attendees: Amin, Reza, Nathan, Chris

  • GAD: March 25? Prof. Dahlin; Writing papers. We should send him an email.
  • GAD: Coordinate with Kathryn to talk on April 29th.
  • March social event, decided to be on March 31 (Thu). Bowling+Pool+Pizza



Attendees: Amin, Reza, Nathan,

  • Reza will get the tax exempt form
  • Someone need to go to Austin Pizza see if they accept tax exempt orders.

We are gonna have: Sausage+Pepperoni Canadian Bacon+Pineapple Mushroom+Green Bell Pepperoni+Breakfast Bacon Black Olives+Mushroom Broccoli+Grilled Chicken > 67.97

  • 6 2-liter Sodas: 6*$2 = $12
  • Cups, plates, napkins etc: $10
  • Reza and Amin will buy the Sodas and Cups…+Order Pizza
  • Chris and Nathan are in charge of games.



Attendees: Amin, Chris, Nathan

  • Reconfirm with Kathryn McKinley for GAD on March 25
  • We are gonna have game's night on Thursday Feb 17 in GRE games room. We are gonna have Pizza and Soda and water. We will have video games, XBox, Kinect, etc. We will have pool tables and board games.

Here's what we're planning on for costs for this event.

  • 2 XBox Kinect: 2*$30 = $60
  • 2 Game rental: 2*$5 = $10 (just in case we need them)
  • 3 Large 2 Topping Pizza from Austin Pizza: 2*29=$60
  • 6 2-liter Sodas: 6*$2 = $12
  • Cups, plates, napkins etc: $10
  • Nathan will turn the room request in.
  • Figuring out how to pay from GRACS's bank account for the event.



Attendees: Amin, Chris, Reza, Nathan

  • We need a lead for GADs and other events to introduce and manage things.
  • Send an email to Prof. Dahlin for April GAD
  • Reconfirm with Kathryn McKinley for GAD
  • Feb event: On Feb 17. Video games and board games! Nathan will talk to VisLab. We need a number of Xbox and Wii consoles.



Attendees: Amin, Nathan

  • Concerns: How would COOP react to our book thing?
  • Fridays GAD event. We still need a speaker. Prof. Jay Misra can't do that. We sent an email to J Moore.
  • New meeting time. Trying to use to schedule a new meeting time.
  • Review of GRACS events. Discuss budget and social events for the semester: We thought of a video game night for mid Feb (Feb 10 or Feb 17). We can serve Pizza. 10 pizza and drink would cost around 120. We need a room with video projector and a game console. Maybe we can reserve a room in the new Student activity center. Need to make sure we can take food there. About food, Nathan suggested that we can go with other options for food like Chinese, etc.



Master’s admission

Chris sent an email to


topic: Preparing your PhD proposal

Speakers: Robert, Lorenzo, Misra

Time, Date: 3-4pm, day of TGIF

What to prepare:

Decisions on who does what:

Tczar, Secretary

Amin Shali





Treasurer $$$


Decision on the meeting time:

Every Monday at 2pm

See GRACS Internal Start Page for more GRACS administrative topics.

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