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The Graduate Student Assembly, known as the GSA, functions as the University-wide student government for students enrolled in the Graduate School, the School of Pharmacy, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, and The University Of Texas School Of Law. Anyone who is a graduate or professional student is a member of GSA. Thus GSA represents all graduate and professional students from across The University.


For Fall 2010 and Spring 2011, the Computer Science graduate students are represented in the GSA by Jeremy Stober.

GRACS GSA Committee

The GRACS “GSA Committee”, which is is a standing (permanent) committee of GRACS, is normally composed of the CS GSA representative and alternate. The GSA Committee is appointed at the beginning of each year by the GRACS Executive Committee. Any person who is enrolled in a UT computer science graduate program may serve on the GSA Committee.

The duties of the GRACS “GSA Committee” are to:

  1. Represent CS graduate students to the UT Graduate Student Assembly.
  2. Report to the GRACS Executive Committee at its meetings.


If you are a graduate student in Computer Science who would like to be involved in Graduate Student Assembly, there is an opening to be an alternate representative. Alternate representatives attend meetings and vote when the primary representative is unable to do so. Please contact Jeremy Stober (stober at cs) if you are interested.

The proportion of representatives in GSA is changing. This will not affect our department, but some of the larger departments will be able to appoint or elect more representatives. Since this is a GSA constitutional amendment, it is still awaiting approval by the administration. [ Note: I voted for this amendment last semester. Based on my experience with GSA, the success of the assembly is due in large part to having a motivated member base. Though it does not affect our department directly, this legislation increases the ability of the body to draw on motivated members elsewhere in the graduate student community. –J. Stober ]

There is a resolution pending in support of the creation of a student committee to look at budget and tuition issues. [ Note: I plan on voting in support of the resolution. The creation of this kind of committee will give graduate students a greater degree of input into budget and tuition issues, and hopefully serve to add some clarity to the budget/tuition process. –J. Stober]

A full record of all GSA business is available on the GSA website at

|[Fall 2010]]

  • Representative re-distribution is awaiting administrative approval.
  • A resolution in support of creating a committee for budget and tuition issues was introduced.

[Spring 2010]

  • After work by the Ad-Hoc Committee on Tuition Reimbursement, the University will reduce the percentage of each student's tuition reimbursement withheld.
  • A bill is currently being considered that will change the representation of the GSA, moving to a more proportional representation scheme.
  • GSA passed a resolution in support of the Cactus Cafe.
  • We are currently looking for graduate students to serve on student government.

[Fall 2009]

GSA passed several resolutions in the fall:

Older Announcements

Old Announcements are archived here

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