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One of the best things about the University of Texas at Austin is Austin. It is a wonderful place to live with a tremendous number of things going on. Austin is perhaps best known for having great music and being home to UT and the state capital. Austinites enjoy a town that is big enough to offer a wide variety of things to do, but not so large as to suffer the problems of many big cities. You will have to explore Austin yourself, but no doubt you will be riding or jogging on the Town Lake hike and bike path, eating Amy's ice cream, drinking Shiner Bock beer and listening to music on Sixth Street before long. To get more information on what's happening in Austin, pick up one of the free weeklies, “The Austin Chronicle” ( or “XL,” available in most restaurants and coffee houses.

Austin has some great camping, hiking, and biking areas. For information on this, check out Austin is also an excellent place for going fishing. There are many lakes around.

Recreational Sports

UT has excellent fitness facilities. Check out the RecSports page at

UT also has a number of intramural sports leagues. These provide a great opportunity to have fun and meet new people. The Website for has a great deal of information, as well as a sign up schedule for IM leagues. Since certain sports require that you find a team before you register, you may want to check whether others within the department are interested in creating a team.

Another resource specific to Ultimate in the Austin area is


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