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GRACS Fall 2009 Foosball Tournament


Updates & Notes

  • November 20 - Thomas and Joel beat Andrew and William in two games to win the Fall 2009 Championship. The game was certainly a defensive battle, with both teams showing great skills on both sides of the field. Thomas and Joel shook things up throughout the game by switching positions throughout the game as they saw fit. Both teams had some impressive shots and some even more impressive saves! Thomas and Joel walk away with bragging rights until the Spring 2010 tournament, as well as two Chipotle gift cards.

In the third-place game, Julian and Shivaram won in three games against Amitanand and Karthik. Amitanand and Karthik took a commanding lead in the first set, but Julian and Shivaram mounted an amazing comeback to win the first set. In set two, Amitanand and Karthik ran away with a 10-5 victory to force a third set. This third set was certainly a barn-burner - it came down to the final shot, with Julian and Shivaram winning 10-9.

Thanks to Amin Shali for the above photos from the third place and championship games!

  • November 17 - Thomas and Joel beat Amitanand and Karthik 10-6, 10-6 tonight in semi-final A. Thomas and Joel move on to the championship game, while Amitanand and Karthik will play in the 3rd place game.

  • November 17 - Andrew and William defeated Juliam and Shivaram 10-9, 10-5 in semi-final B. Andrew and William advance to the championship game, while Julian and Shivaram move on to the 3rd place game.

  • November 10 - Andrew and William defeated Adam and Matthew in two games, 10-3 and 10-5. Andrew and William are the last team to advance to the semi-finals, and will face Juliam and Shivaram.

  • November 10 - Julian and Shivaram won in two games against Sara and Donald (3-10, 4-10). Julian and Shivaram advance to the semi-finals.

  • November 2 - Thomas and Joel defeated Todd and Michael 10-7, 10-5 earlier today. Thomas and Joel advanced to the semi-finals where they will face Amitanand and Karthik for a chance to play in the championship game.

  • October 28 - Sara and Donald defeated AL S & Nagarajan earlier today in a close three game play-in. Sara and Donald progress to the first round, where they will play Julian & Shivaram.

  • October 27 - Amitanand and Karthik beat Srinath and Apurv 10-8, 10-3 earlier today in a first round game. Amitanand and Karthik will go on to the semi-finals, where they will face either Todd & Michael or Thomas & Joel.

  • October 24 - Scheduling is currently underway, and the bracket will be updated as games are scheduled and played.


                    FIRST ROUND                                   SEMI-FINALS             FINAL

_Amitanand (anand) & Karthik (karthikm)__
                             Tues Oct 27 |_Amitanand & Karthik_
                                         |                     |
_Srinath (srinath) & Apurv (apurvb)______|                     |
                                                SEMI-FINAL A   |
                                                               |_Thomas & Joel_____
                                                               |                   |
_Todd (todd) & Michael (mquinlan)________                      |                   |
                                         |                     |                   |
                         Mon Nov 2 @ 5pm |_Thomas & Joel_______|                   |
                                         |                                         |
_Thomas (tfinster) & Joel (hestness)_____|                                         |
                                                                         FINAL     |_Thomas & Joel_____
                                                              Fri Nov 20 @ 12:45pm |   CHAMPION
_Andrew (matsuoka) & William (wcook)_____                                          | 
                                         |                                         |
                    Tues Nov 10 @ 3:30pm |_Andrew & William____                    |
                                         |                     |                   |
_Adam (asetapen) & Matthew (mhauskn)_____|                     |                   |
                                               SEMI-FINAL B    |                   |
                                                   Tues Nov 17 |_Andrew & William__|
_Julian (julian) & Shivaram (shivaram)___                      |
                                         |                     |
                         Fri Nov 6 @ 5pm |_Julian & Shivaram___|
                                         |                       _Amitanand & Karthik___
_Sara & Donald___________________________|                          LOSER SEMI-FINAL A  |
                 WINNER OF PLAY-IN GAME                                                 |_Julian & Shivaram_
                                                                   Fri Nov 20 @ 12:15pm | 3RD PLACE
                                                                  _Julian & Shivaram____|
                                                                    LOSER SEMI-FINAL B

         PLAY-IN GAME

_AL S (alagappa) & Nagarajan (naga86)____
                     Wed Oct 28 @ 5:10pm |_Sara & Donald______
                                         | PLAY-IN WINNER
_Sara (sarak) & Donald (ddn)_____________|

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