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Research & Career Advice

Graduate Advice Day Presentations

Research in Industrial Labs vs. Academia

  • Title: Research in Academia vs. Industry
  • Speaker(s): TACC? IBM Austin Lab, MSR
  • Date: 28 Oct 2011

Writing Papers

  • Title: Writing Papers
  • Speaker(s): Prof. Mike Dahlin, UTCS
  • Date: 25 Mar 2011
  • recording (video only, no audio)


  • Title: Job and internship interview questions to ask and expect
  • Speaker(s): Prof. Kathryn S McKinley, UTCS
  • Date: 06 Feb 2009

Academic Job Hunt

  • Title: Finding an Academic Position
  • Speaker(s): Prof. Kathryn S McKinley, UTCS
  • Date: 29 Apr 2011


  • Title: Networking
  • Speaker(s): Prof. Adam Klivans, UTCS
  • Date: 06 Feb 2009

Corporate Research Career Choice

  • Title: Looking back, peering ahead
  • Speaker(s): Rama Kotla, Microsoft Research (UT PhD 2008)
  • Date: 06 Feb 2009

Giving Talks

  • Title: I Speak Pretty Now, 
How to Give a Bad Talk
  • Speaker(s): Prof. Kristen Grauman, UTCS
  • Date: 06 Feb 2009

Interdisciplinary Research

  • Title: Interdisciplinary research
  • Speaker(s): Prof. Luay Nakhleh, Rice University (UT PhD 2004)
  • Date: 06 Feb 2009


  • Title: On writing well
  • Speaker(s): Prof. William R. Cook, UTCS
  • Date: 06 Feb 2009

UTCS Graduate Advice Day 2007

gad-all-2007.ppt - UTCS Graduate Advice Day Slides, Feb 23, 2007

  • Overview & What we are doing to help you succeed, J Moore, Department Chair
  • Communication Skills, Adam Klivans
  • Panel: What Will I Do When I Graduate? (Praveen Yalagandula, HP; Dave Moriarty, Apple; Seth Pettie, University of Michigan – all UT PhD grads)
  • Managing Your Advisor, Keshav Pingali
  • Panel: Tools and Advice for AI, Systems, & Theory Research (Ned Dimitrov, Mike Bond, Shimon Whiteson – all UT PhD students)
  • Advice on Applying and Interviewing for Jobs, Steve Keckler
  • Panel: Work-Life Balance (Adam Brown, PhD student; Emmett Witchell, assistant prof; Kathryn McKinley, prof)

Career Advice

Links to a variety of professional development materials. Originally collected & edited by Mike Dahlin, Kathryn McKinley, and Risto Mikkulainen, among others.

Advice on Research, Dr. R.W. Hamming

How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia, David Patterson

Pithy advice for researchers, Mike Dahlin

Pithy advice for graduate school, Rachel Pottinger & Kathryn McKinley (June 2005)

Accreted wisdom related to computer science, Armando Fox

Big thoughts

As We May Think, Vannevar Bush, Atlantic Monthly (July 1945)

There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom, Richard Feynman

Writing Papers and Giving Talks

Other Wikis

The Neural Networks research page is a useful and thorough collection of UTCS info, including lots of advice about classes, working on a dissertation, etc. Especially interesting are the sections about “General Research Tools” information, including guides for LaTeX, LyX, CVS, SSH, and system security. [Accessible from UT network only]

Women in Computing

CRA (Computing Research Association), Graduate Student Information guide, and lots of other great career advice

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