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Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

At UT, each graduate degree program has a graduate studies committee. The GSC is made up of all professors (at all ranks) in the program.

The GSC appoints a chairperson.

Here is what the GSC does:

  • Make recommendations for new graduate courses and any changes.
  • Set goals for the numbers of new students to be enrolled in the programs.
  • Setting admission requirements.
  • Recommend admission of students.
  • Set requirements for degrees.
  • Establish supplementary requirements for continuation in its program.
  • Recommend the committee chairs and committee members for supervision of theses and dissertations.
  • Recommend students for doctoral candidacy.
  • Make available to its students a description of its requirements, the procedures that a student is expected to follow in achieving a degree, and the standards demanded for continuation in the program.

The current GSC chair is Prof. Don Fussell.

Contrast the graduate studies committee role with: Graduate Coordinator, Graduate Adviser, and department chair.

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