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Several graduate students serve on departmental committees. There are also several GRACS offices and committees.

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See Also: GRACS Executive Committee, New Students Committee, Social Committee, and Project Committees

Undergraduate Studies

Graduate Student Representative: Ernie Chan

  • (10/1/07) Planning updates to curriculum

Masters Admissions

Graduate Student Representatives: Jeff Diamond, Yuliya Lierler, Jacob Schrum, Renee St. Amant

  • (10/1/07) Meets in the spring


Graduate Student Representative: Li Yan

  • (10/1/07) Meets in the summer

Gates Building Committee

Graduate Student Representative: John Thywissen

Gates Furniture Committee

Graduate Student Representative: John Thywissen

Cluster Committee

Graduate Student Representatives: Igor Karpov

Faculty Recruiting

Graduate Student Representatives: Kevin Liu, Bertrand Maher

  • (10/1/07) Meets in the spring
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