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GRACS Social Committee

The Social Committee is a standing (permanent) committee of GRACS.


The committee members are appointed at the beginning of each semester by the GRACS Executive Committee.

Any person who is enrolled in a UT computer science graduate program may serve on GRACS committees.


  1. Make recommendations and handle tasks related to social Events. For example:
    1. Decide on a rough outline of activities for the year.
    2. Planning and running Events.
    3. Select Grad Tea Time Czar.
  2. Report to the GRACS Executive Committee at its meetings.
  3. Not spend (nor commit to spend) money without the Treasurer's involvement.

Meetings and Quorum

  • Either a regular meeting schedule should be agreed or each meeting should be called with some notice.
  • Standing committees don't have a pre-established meeting schedule, they can set their own.
  • The committee chair (if one is named) or any two members may call a meeting.
  • Post meeting times and places on the GRACS calendar (see communication).
  • More than half of the committee membership constitutes a quorum. (Committee business can be conducted only with a quorum.)

See GRACS Internal Start Page for more GRACS administrative topics.

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