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Contained herein are informative pages for campus organizations that were not discussed in the Fall 2011 Department Orientation

External Affairs

For help with posters, job opportunities, travel, events, etc.

Contact Information

Nancy Hatchett Associate Director

Career Services

Contact information

Career Design Center
Painter 5.03
office open 8-5 mo-fri.
main website:

Note: Laura Mondino can be a good contact for graduate students in Computer Sciences for now. Later in the year the office will add more advisors, and at that point the contact information might change. Laura's email is:

Why should a graduate student visit with the Career Design Center?

  • There are many reasons, but let's start with the most urgent: On September 19, 2011 Expo will take place. It is a career fair featuring over 100 employers, many of which recruit CS students.
  • On campus recruiting activities for internships and full-time positions are coordinated through the Career Design Center: you can conveniently browse positions and participate in on campus interviews (if selected for an interview).
  • Sign up for ScienceWorks (online recruiting system) Log in to see Natural Sciences' job postings, upload your resume to the database, get access to on-campus interviews and receive weekly career services announcements.
  • The Career Design Center staff can help you with resume and cover letter reviews. Call now to make an appointment to discuss yours. We can also help you with basic company research and preparing for interviews. At our center you can practice your interview skills, and receive feedback through mock interviews.


Main GSA Page

The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) is the elected governing body of The Univer- sity of Texas’ approximately 12,000 gradu- ate students. GSA is one of the three elected student leadership organizations at UT, in- cluding Student Government and the Senate of College Councils. GSA reports to the Vice-Provost and Dean of Graduate Students and is considered an official element of the UT administrative structure.

For the full GSA brochure, please see this link

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