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Graduate Desk Furniture

Each graduate student's office includes:

  • Desk with whiteboard
  • Book case
  • Locking drawer and open “low storage”
  • Locking storage tower
  • Chair
  • Lamp

Every group of graduate desks has a shared table, chairs, and rolling whiteboard.

Desk and Storage

A graduate workstation is made up of components from the Steelcase c:scape furniture line. A workstation includes a desk, a bookcase, a locking storage tower, and “low storage” (a locking drawer and open bins). All of these parts have cable pass-throughs.

The desk includes integrated cable management. Pull the lever located under the desk surface to unlatch the desk, and slide it towards you. This reveals a channel with power and network jacks, along with space for power adaptors and excess cable. Plug in, then slide the desk forward and it will latch. The far edge of the desk is slightly open, so that cables can be routed from the channel to the desktop.

The vertical white surface above the desk is a whiteboard for your use. Only use dry-erase markers.

The drawer has a felt-cushioned bottom to protect devices you put in there, and it has a cable pass-through to the channel at the far edge of the top of the low storage. You can put a power strip in the channel and use the cable pass-through holes in the furniture to plug it in. This way, your phone, tablet, etc., can be charging while locked up.

Keys for the drawer and storage tower are available from Danny Pinali in GDC 2.732.


Grad student chairs are Herman Miller Aeron chairs. They are highly (9-way) adjustable. See the manual.


Desks come with the Humanscale Element Vision lamp. This lamp is motion-sensing (auto-off) and intensity adjustable. You only need to turn it on once, and it will turn on and off when it senses motion. See the manual.

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